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A Scrabble challenge for experienced players to try. Has a Roll-of-Honour for good words.
Now you can play the world`s most popular word game on your Pocket PC device!
L33T Tiles are a replacement tile set for Scrabble® and other word games, based on internet slang known as leetspeak. The letter distribution has been ...
Innovative features like Best Play, Hints and The Official Scrabble fans of all skill levels to join the fun. ...
13 Mar 2008 ... We like traditional Scrabble for its physical feel almost as much as the crossword game itself. We carefully arrange letters between turns, .....
Enter your name, or whatever pleases you into the form box, to get its Scrabble score... Spaces, have no point value. No, you can't get triple word score,...
Includes a roster of clubs, upcoming local tournaments, event coverage, and rating lists.
It's everything you love about Scrabble®; - New games added every week; - Unlimited play; Learn More. ...
Download 60 minute trial version of this excellent Scrabble PC game! Very faithful computer version of the classic board game.
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Scrabble Information and Resources: listings of resources for word game devotees on the Internet and elsewhere.
Web site for the 2007 World Scrabble(R) Championship.
Includes word definitions and lists of legal proper names, place names, and alphabetic character names.
By 1948, Butts sold rights to James Brunot who refined the rules, changed the design, and offered another new name: Scrabble. Early sales were slow, ...
I don't claim to be THE Scrabble® authority, but I've learned a lot about how to play this game over the last three years and I want to pass that kno...

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